Building Strong Relationships Through Social Media and Online marketing

Building relationships is at the core of Social Media Marketing. It is beyond simple analytics of traffic or the website promotion etc. It is similar to two way communications. It is not a simple press release or old methods of “forced marketing” in which companies resorted to blatant interruption and intrusion of the private space which was at unwanted hours, to throw a marketing message on to you.

People do not prefer such tactics and do not like to buy from such companies. Rather the trend is for more interactive approach, where you actually interact with a person, help him ask questions and solve his problems. It makes a long term trust and bonding between a customer and a company, which is responsible for smooth business transactions based on shared interests and common objectives.

internet_marketingInternet companies do not resort to intrusion and violation of privacy when it comes to marketing, but they create a long list of loyal fan base, which will love to deal with you and buy your products as you are thoroughly interactive, listen to them and help them address the issues they are facing. Web Marketing Companies have regularly maintained blogs and they do not try to sell anything there; they just make strong relationships and identification for the company and the products they have.


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